Marianas Trench Onesie

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Dive into the deep deep blue with our Marianas Trench onesie! If this trench can swallow Mount Everest whole with room to spare, envision what other secrets lie beneath the deepest natural trench in the world. Marianas Trench is just one piece of an enormous puzzle. Over 95% of Earth's Oceans are unexplored, and they take up 2/3 of the planet.  Just imagine what all could possibly be lurking down in the dark without our knowledge. This onesie will make you realize just how little we really know about the world around us. It may even encourage you to explore more of it!

-Made From Milk Silk! Ultra soft and stretchy even after going through multiple washes!-
-High Quality Fabric with Vivid Colors that stay that way even when stretched out!-
-4 Strong Metal Crotch Snaps for Easy Wear-
-Female Model Shown in Size XXS-
-Male Model Shown in Size S-
Product Status: Active
Artist: Faulty Overlord

Collections: Clothing, Onesies

Type: Onesie

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Marianas Trench Onesie | Littles Laboratory