About Us

Littles Laboratory was established with the desire to increase nerdy representation within the CG/L community. With our unique and geeky designs; we aim to show how diverse the meaning of the word "nerd" can really be. You could be the scientist baby who loves mixing chemicals and spends their free time studying the periodic table of elements. You could be the creative baby who enjoys writing poems and always has their nose buried deep in a book. Or perhaps you're the musical baby who often finds themselves lost in the melodies of their favorite genre.

Here at Littles Laboratory, we don't cater to just one type of nerdy personality, we aim to give everyone in the community adequate representation while broadening the definition of what little space really means! Little Space is different for everyone, so our goal is always to break from the "norm" and create items that satisfy all types of littles. With our extensive collection, you can become a jack-of-all-trades!

At Littles Laboratory, we know how significant both your big and little sides are to you as a whole. That's why we've fought to find the best way to combine both! Who says your big and little interests can't go hand in hand?