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      Littles Laboratory was established with the intention to broaden and redefine what society thinks of nerds. We know that nerds come in all different shapes in sizes, but society seems to group us all into one box. 

      One of the most imperative things for the success of a growing company is the team that leads and stands behind it. Our most important focus when building Littles Laboratory was ensuring that our team was saturated with diversity, not just in appearance, but background and ideas. Everyone in our company brings something unique to the table and looks at the world in a different way. Our interests span across many disciplines, from quantum mechanics to art to music. We're constantly experimenting with new ideas to create the best experience for everyone. 

      Littles Laboratory is always evolving into new and improved versions of itself. While we acknowledge that not everyone geeks out over the same things; we also find it extremely important to appreciate all different types of intellectual interests. We hope that you keep an open mind while exploring our page because you never know what might engross your enzymes.