Fungi Onesie

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See just how complex the human brain can really be with the Fungi Onesie! Trip into a parallel universe where neurons and mushrooms live together simultaneously. These special mushrooms will not only light up your enzymes, but they'll open your mind to the astonishing phenomena where hallucinations become reality. Expand your perception to all the possible outcomes. Will the toadstools fuse together with our neurotransmitters and cause our senses to heighten? Could our bodies develop an even stronger immune system? Were the Egyptians right to believe fungi held the key to immortality? Or will synapses prevail in the end? Create your own hypothesis while wearing an entire fungus kingdom!
-Find Your Perfect Size Here-
-Made From Milk Silk! Ultra soft and stretchy even after going through multiple washes!-
-High Quality Fabric with Vivid Colors that stay that way even when stretched out!-
-4 Strong Metal Crotch Snaps for Easy Wear-
-Female Model Shown in Size XXS-
-Male Model Shown in Size S-
Product Status: Active
Artist: Faulty Overlord

Collections: Clothing, Onesies

Type: Onesie

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Fungi Onesie | Littles Laboratory