Brainiac Onesie

Littles Laboratory

The Brainiac Onesie is perfect for all those baby geniuses out there whose intellect goes well beyond their age! Maybe you look up at the stars every night and wonder what really lies beyond. Maybe you dream of creating a medicine responsible for curing cancer, or perhaps spend your free time reading comic books. In either case, find your inner nerd with these expressive brains and adorable molecules! Wearing this onesie, you're sure to make all the other nerdy baby's heads spin!
-Made From Milk Silk! Ultra soft and stretchy even after going through multiple washes!-
-High Quality Fabric with Vivid Colors that stay that way even when stretched out!-
-4 Strong Metal Crotch Snaps for Easy Wear-
-Female Model Shown in Size XXS-
-Design by Faulty Overlord - A Fellow Little! -

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Type: Onesie

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Brainiac Onesie | Littles Laboratory