Schrodinger's Cat Onesie

Littles Laboratory

Explore the spectacular paradox of multiple dimensions with the Schrodinger's Cat Onesie! Solve this fantastic conundrum and ask yourself whether curiosity or poison really killed the cat. Figure out if felines really do have nine lives. Begin to question where the kitty goes if it is neither alive nor dead without a conscious observer. Decide whether or not death is just an illusion. Unravel the truth while speculating for hours about where quantum superposition ends and reality collapses into one probability or another. Consider ALL the possibilities and come up with your own conclusions while being the cutest scientist in the room!

-Made From Milk Silk! Ultra soft and stretchy even after going through multiple washes!-
-High Quality Fabric with Vivid Colors that stay that way even when stretched out!-
-4 Strong Metal Crotch Snaps for Easy Wear-
-1st Female Model Shown in Size XXS-
-2nd Female Model Shown in Size M-
-Male Model Shown in Size S-
Product Status: Active
Artist: Faulty Overlord

Collections: Clothing, Onesies

Type: Onesie

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Schrodinger's Cat Onesie | Littles Laboratory