Conspiracy Theory Onesie

Littles Laboratory

For those of you who believe in real conspiracies, not just the ones that say vegetables and bedtime are "good for you". This intriguing design will lead you to question everything around you. Did the moon landing actually happen or was it a ploy? What's really in vaccines? What if the Earth really is flat after all? Are we the only living life forms in our universe? If there are aliens, is the government keeping them from us? 

This onesie features 16 different conspiracies that will make you consider what was once seemingly impossible. You may even come across some conspiracies of your own...

-Made From Milk Silk! Ultra soft and stretchy even after going through multiple washes!-
-High Quality Fabric with Vivid Colors that stay that way even when stretched out!-
-4 Strong Metal Crotch Snaps for Easy Wear-
-Female Model Shown in Size XXS-
-Male Model Shown in Size S-
-Design by Faulty Overlord - A Fellow Little! -

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Type: Onesie

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Conspiracy Theory Onesie | Littles Laboratory